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NSI Business Support Co., Ltd is a registered travel agent in Japan. We are operating a Japanese inbound tour operator for overseas customers as Travel Inside Japan, and have delivered a few unique experiences. We always want to find new and unique things and introduce them to our customers. In addition, we will always stand on the customer's side and give the utmost efforts and appropriate advice so that you can enjoy Japan as much as possible. We would like you to enjoy Japan by hearing your wishes, ideas and plans, and solving your anxieties and doubts. Try a different approach than your existing travel agency. And please add us to your lists now!.


Company Profile


Company Name
NSI Business Support Co., Ltd
Head Office
4-3-5, Honcho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo 184-0004
Main Phone Number
+81-3-3350-0087(Travel Services)
+81-90-3502-6515(Company Mobile)
Managing Director
Toshiro Nozawa
Principal business

  • Travel Agent (Japan domestic and Overseas)
  • Onsen(Hot spring)Reservation
  • Atami Club
  • Tour Australia (Outbound Tour brand)
  • Travel Inside Japan (Inbound Tour Operator)
  • Cafe Restaurant Cafe-Kaoru
  • Associated Group Business
  • Cafe-Kaoru
  • Atelier 375
  • Rental Apartments (Koganei-shi, Tokyo) Room available
  • License & Membership

  • Travel Agent License Number is Tokyo No. 3-6097
    sa(The Governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
  • Member of the All Nippon Travel Agents Association
  • Member of the Musashino Corporate Association
  • Subsidiary Travel Agent
  • HGS Travel Co., Ltd
  • Create M Co., Ltd
  • Key Management


    Toshiro Nozawa
    Managing Director

    Toshiro has demonstrated history of working in the Travel industry for over 40 years of experience. Have deepest knowledge and much experience in Japan consumer trend. Skilled in management, Corporate strategy and Sales planning. He also has close relationship with Japanese supplers.

    Shigenori Shintani
    General Manager Sales

    Shigenori has demonstrated history of working in the Airline Industry, Travel & Tourism Industry and Aviation Industry. Have deepest knowledge and much experience in Japan market. Skilled in Sales Management, Sales & Marketing, Sales strategy.